Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Dusting Lesson

Last week I was busily trying to get the house dusted.  All dusters of homes know that it is a never ending process.  But I love when I am doing the mundane and God shows me something new.   That is exactly what He did.

As I carefully moved each item I began to think about how much stuff we collect.  Just loads of stuff.  We fill our rooms, closets, attics and garages and when they will hold no more we pay for a storage unit.  Have you ever wondered how much the stuff in your storage unit actually cost once you pay to store it monthly?  As I get older, I hate clutter more and more.  God continually reminds me that we are to lay up our treasures in Heaven and not on earth.  So no, I am not terribly sentimental.  I know that just seems wrong. I am sentimental toward people but do not transfer that value to possessions.

So I continued to dust thinking "I will do this all again next week" and the next and the next and the next.  Then I realized that taking care of so many possessions is being a poor steward of what God has entrusted me with. Clearly not making good financial choices is poor stewardship but what about spending my time to care for all the things. The things cost a lot more than the price the store charges.  They keep me from taking time to be the hands and feet!

How many times has there been something worthwhile to do but I just didn't have time? Was it because I had loads of clothes to wash, a big house to clean, lots of possessions to organize or to dust? How many times could I have been used to make a real difference in someone's life (maybe even an eternal one) but I was too busy taking care of our stuff.

So the Lord convicted me where I stood, dust cloth in hand.  Now I need to practice what has been revealed. Next time there something I would just love to purchase, I hope I will consider the full cost. How much will it cost of my time, talents and resources? It just might not be worth the eternal cost!