Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas List

So it is that time of year. You know. . .the time we take the kids list and try to figure out how to make them super happy without going broke. That might even be a bit more challenging this year. Forget about the economy. How about ipads, iphones, ipods, and of course computers and gaming systems? Yep, it is all about technology. Problem is that technology is not cheap. That leaves us fighting crowds for sales and turning to the internet hopeful. So far for us Ebay has been a lifesaver or at least a Christmas gift saver. It is followed by Amazon as a close second. So thankful we can use this technology to help us find the hopeful Christmas gift.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life on a Moving Sidewalk

I have been feeling a bit introspective lately and so many thought emerge from that thinking. One is that life is always on a moving sidewalk. I think when we go the right direction on the sidewalk our journey is easier as the sidewalk helps us get to our destination. However, it is so easy to get turned around on the sidewalk. A close relationship with the Lord (one in which He speaks to us and we head in His direction) goes in the right direction. Going in this direction is not without obstacles and even heartache. The world and Satan assure us of that. Still yet, even as Christians, we are bad to get turned around. When we are turned around, even on a good day, the journey is exponentially harder. Just imagine going through an airport in the wrong direction on a moving sidewalk. You would be working harder to make progress even when the path was clear but often it would be cluttered with those headed in the other (right) direction. It would cause frustration and confusion at best. Now imagine that a mountain came up. A health problem, parenting difficulties, spouse difficulties, betrayal by a friend, loss of loved one and the list goes on. Now you are going up the down escalator. Carrying all your baggage and fighting against those going in the right direction. Life is so hard. It will be full of trouble, strife and loses. The only help is to constantly move in the direction of our Savior. He is our only true help. Now knowing all that full well, I still find many challenges and many pertain to the times we live in. It has become hard to even find truth in daily life. The world has become so deceived. Thus making it hard to make discussion on small things and nearly unbearable trying to make big discussions such as parenting. I am not always good about filtering "today" with the Bible. But I have noticed lately that it seems that no one does. There are parents that don't worry too much (they will turn out fine and return to what they have been told) and then those that are very restrictive (healthy boundaries are good). We are the later in case you weren't sure. Yes, we know that may rebel but no we don't think we should change. After all we live in a time when watching shows and movies with demonic and occult are the norm. Where teens having premarital sex hardly gets a second thought. Why have we decided that we can't change the world so we will blend? Why have we become so weak minded? I am not sure if we are lazy or if we think that is not the Christian way. Remember Paul in the Bible. He was not weak minded or willed. He also was successful and prominent. Yet, He gave everything for Christ. He took a stand when it was nearly impossible at times.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Things. . .

I haven't blogged in a while and I just know you have missed me. LOL! Today I have some favorite things on my mind. Rather than having lots of stuff, I like to have quality items that can go the extra miles.

1) Alegria Shoes - These literally go the extra mile. When shopping for a new pair I often hear people comment on them being ugly. I guess they do kinda grow on you. I remember sorta thinking that same thing. Then I bought a pair. Well, for a year and a half I have worn almost nothing but Alegria Shoes. My favorites are the Paloma style. I have several pairs of these. I bought these shoes comfort but they have become about style as well. The mary jane style goes well with so many outfits. They add a little height with a hill and lots of pizazz. Now recently I jumped right outside the box and bought the Sedona Shearling Boots. Simply love them. No doubt they will cause my Palomas to get lonely some days. I typically wear a size 7.5 and wear a size 37 in both of these styles.

2) Cooking gadgets! Love, love, love to cook. Having the right gadgets and fresh ingredients make all the difference. My Kitchen-aide Mixer and Food Processor are big number ones! I love shopping Amazon and just looking through their vast collect of kitchen doodads. And don't forget a cute apron.

3) Hair Color but not just any. I am a do-it-yourselfer and proudly so. I used to think it was one of the worst chores. Then I discovered John Frieda form hair color. This stuff is amazing. I am finally able to color my hair without making a huge mess. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering.

4) NARS Blush. Not sure how to explain this one. I guess the pigment is just better. But I feel like I have a more natural glow. Plus it is easier to control how much blush I want for that day.

5) Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer was meant for me. It feels great and has a great touch of color. I love the Rhubard.

6) Today another hands down favorite is Ebay. Yes, there are some things that aren't my favorite about Ebay. But you can find anything and if you are patient you can find an incredible price! Hum. . . what could I look for tonight on Ebay?

7) Oh, I was about to forget a very favorite thing! My Nook Color from Barnes & Noble!!! Being able to carry lots of books in that one little tablet is amazing (especially on vacation). Did I mention I love to read? The selection of books is crazy. I have yet to run into something I wanted that wasn't available. I also often download books from But if you happen to be tired of reading you can also download an app to play a game or many other fun things. No wishing for something to do with this neat little device. I am betting it will be the most popular Christmas present this year.

Stay tuned for my growing list of favorites! I also welcome comments of some of your favorites.