Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Mommy, I want to see God."

Early last year, God began to show us again that we are not done with orphan ministry. This is how it goes with us.  We take a step and think we are done but then our Savior shows us more of His plan.  It all began 16 years ago as we adopted our first two children through DSS. Years of healing were required and then we were called to adopt again. More healing, more growth, more time . . .we were sure we were done and our family complete but we started being heavily burdened to do more.  Being sure we were getting too old to adopt or foster, we began getting involved in local orphan ministry.  But the needs kept pressing down upon us and it was never enough. Then one day, I felt God say “You have breath which I supply. I decided your days and when you are done.” Still yet, would my husband ever agree?  Finally one day, I ventured to ask.  It is so cool when you venture to ask a really hard question fully expecting a negative answer but God has already prepared the heart. And so, he said “I was thinking about it too.” Thus a new journey began into Foster Care Ministry.

That is what we call it. . .Foster Care Ministry. It is a hand wide open ministry every day of our life. It requires living in faith that it will never be too much and it will make a difference. For what God has called us to is never a waste. After all, He is God!  We feel that God has given us a vision of generations being changed by Christian families stepping forward to love, nurture and teach of a Savior’s ultimate love. We know that fruit won’t always be seen this side of Heaven and that there will be times it seems hopeless. . . but God.  We will simply do our part in praying for these little ones in our care and their families. While daily depending on the strength of our Lord, we will do our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The rest we must leave up to God.

Our new journey officially began the week of Christmas. Amidst travel and traditions, we took in our first little one. He was sick when he entered our home but so very precious.  He still had a look of hope in his sweet eyes even though he was filled with so much fear. We loved on him and cared for him. He is, for the time, ours and we are his.  Soon after, his brother joined us as well.  What a sweet, fulfilling and tiring journey.  But this journey is not just about giving. We have received so much from it.  When life is simple and comfortable, we don’t require too much of God.   But if you want to see God work in miraculous and amazing ways, then take that step in orphan care.  It will simply blow you away.  Over these past months, we have seen God open doors, change lives, and bless our socks off. 

A few Sundays back, we took our tired selves in and sat down to hear the morning’s sermon. As we listened, we were reminded of the widow that gave her last two coins and Jesus was pleased. I thought, it doesn’t have to be coins. What if we give the last of our time, the last of our food, the last bedroom or bed in our home? What if we just live with our hands wide open and let God choose what He will use? The one thing we are sure of is that He will never ask more than we can give. Yes, at times it feels like more but it is not. It is those times when our Savior is so close we can feel His presence.  Then there are the sweet reminders. . .a few mornings back one of the sweet little ones entrusted to our care said, “Mommy, I want to see God.” He is too young to fully understand but yet he is beginning to. Nothing could make this journey more worthwhile than for him to see God!