Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas of Faith

I am so excited about Christmas this year. The joy of it overwhelms me.  I truly cannot even explain it.  As we have worked with others to make our plans, many do not conform to my perfect plan. I love to plan and for things to seem organized and simple.  But that is not to be when there are lots of other planners in the mix.  Still I am thrilled that it is the week before Christmas!  There is not even one part I dread.  Clearly it is from the Lord.  How do I know? Well, it simply is not my nature.

By nature, I could plan every detail making sure that everything is evenly spaced for any needed corrections. Every gift a little better than necessary and beautifully wrapped (extras on standby).  Every meal carefully planned and shopping done. Cookies, pot lucks, snacks all ready.  All this with plenty of time left to think of all those people who have been special through the year so that I can get some baked goodie their way.  That is what I love. That is also what I feel somewhat freed from this year.  Some of those things are done but many are not. Everything is simple and fret-free so far.

Who knows if I can stay on this track. Many times I fail.  But I feel like the Lord explained it a bit today in my quiet time.  Did you ever think Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had anything to do with Christmas? Me either!!!  But God and His living breathing Word do not go by our rules. Praise God!  I love a warm glowing fire in the fireplace but fiery furnaces. . .um no.  The lesson given is about standing boldly for our Lord Jesus Christ. Can I before even the most intimidating relative (yes, even more intimidating than a King)  be bold when the time comes? Will I be kind to even the most hateful person I encounter while shopping?  Will I take time to stop and spread His love to those around me (push their cart in, lift the heavy item for the elderly, make sure the downtrodden are encouraged) or will I rush by to the next thing I need to do? That is my lesson.

I have seen first hand over the past months that God gives us many opportunity in rather normal situations to shine His light. Sometimes I was faithful and sometimes I failed miserably.  But this incredible joy that He is shining into my heart has reminded me that I am not doing it alone and it is not my choice to make.  I need Him! I want Him! Once you taste of the Lord, nothing else compares.   I have also learned that you cannot make others believe. You simply show them by the manifestations of His spirit in your life.  And be bold in speech when called upon.

Have I said how excited I am for Christmas? Praising God for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! May He be EVERYTHING to you and your family this year! May we, as His servants, be focused on Him and obedient that this might be the very best Christmas ever!