Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life Interrupted

That is truly what it is.  We lay down our best plans and say to God we are willing.  It is hard, painful even. Our clean neat pretty packaged lives look more chaotic than we ever dreamed we would allow. Our churches look different when we openly invite the troubled, hurt, impoverished and suspicious to join us.  Our families look different when we open our arms to the least of these. But are we willing?

We are currently in the process of licensing for foster parenting. Not the first time, as we did this years ago with the intention of adopting. This time it is much less self serving. This time it is truly because God has moved mountains (selfish desires, plans, etc). We are down to one child being at home full-time and in the world's economy it is time to relax. After all. . . our laundry piles have dwindled to being crazy small, cooking, cleaning, having quiet times, spending one-on-one times, going and coming as we please, and oh it is so much cheaper to have a meal out. These are just a few things that are so nice right now. And yet. . . the Lord called.

He whispered in our ear over weeks of time. He beckoned us. But one day it seemed louder. I said, "We are too old". He said, "you are breathing". I said, "but it is too hard". He said, "I love them and they have no home."  What more needed to be said. From that day on I knew what needed to be done but feared greatly that my husband never would consider it.  He likes writing on the wall (LOL) and practical. But I was wrong and I greatly underestimated him.  The first time I asked, he said "I have been thinking about it too." Wow, God is incredible! It blew me away. We still talked and prayed for a while but I knew. The instant my husband answered that way. . .I knew.  God would have us do it! And why not? His Word commands us over 50 times to take care of the orphans.

So we began the process.  Our worker came out to meet with us and gave us a huge pile of paperwork. Honestly, it looked daunting.  During the process, more than once I have felt it is just too much and there are many other ways to help. But God keeps reminding me that they are His and He loves them as much as He loves me.  He sets the lonely in families. He reminds me of our boys and how hurt and broken they were. A good Christian foster home makes such a difference.

So we plug forward.  The paperwork we got through quickly.  It was best that way. Then you don't spend too much time thinking of all the very personal details you must share.  Done! But each other step takes time as you wait on various people to do their part.  I keep thinking, Why are we waiting when some child may desperately  need to be in a home during the Holidays. But God is sovereign! He is in control! So I rest in Him!  He sets the lonely in families.  And yes, I still at times think that the Holidays will be much easier and more peaceful with our family as is.

But would it be best? Is an uninterrupted life where we find joy? I think mostly not.  It is those very situations we would not have chosen for ourselves that prove to be the most meaningful.  It is when we go out of our way to do something we wouldn't ordinarily do or we are put in a difficult situation and see the Lord's hand.  Life interrupted is most often (in my estimation) where God paints the most amazing experiences into our lives. We see Him most clearly then! So this morning, once again, I laid the fears of moving ahead and the aggravation that we would need to wait at the Lord's feet. Such mixed up feelings. :)

This morning, I also had an opportunity to watch a video from a local church. It was remarkable. They get it!  They have an incredible vision for what God would call a church to do in the face approximately 1,000 orphans in our states foster care system and a great shortage of foster homes. Please watch.