Friday, September 19, 2014

Is this real?

One of the things that I love about God is that often where He takes you would not be where you would go on your own.  During the very early morning I laid awake listening to thunder roaring.  I begin to let myself think about what it will be like to bring our new daughter into our lives. What will she be like? Will the transition be hard for her? Will she grieve greatly all that she will leave behind? What will her personality be like? How in the world did we get here? How did we get to the point that we are willing to adopt an older girl from the other side of he world? God! It is the only explanation.  I remember just a month or so back saying to our pastor that it would take an act of God for us to adopt again. Well, I wonder if God laughed as I said that?

For the past couple weeks, I have struggled. I came to terms pretty easily with God's general plan. Just not so much the specifics. But He is teaching me, sanctifying me, and humbling me. This too I must fully lay on His throne. Hands WIDE open! Life lived for eternity!

Today. . . the "to do" list is long. Too long. And that is not helped by this growing passion that I am starting to feel that we need to work hard to go get our daughter as soon as possible. Is that my impatience or God's prompting. I am not sure. We don't know for sure how old she is so we have no idea if she is close to aging out. We don't know what if any special needs she has so we don't know if she needs other issues cared for. Thankfully, what we do know is that we serve a mighty God that day-by-day changed our hearts and minds sending us back to China for our new daughter. He is much more able than we are to care for her. And He is able to provide the way for us. Praise God!

So far, we have sold 16 puzzle pieces. 984 to go.  When people help, not only does it help financially but it also helps us see God's hand in this. He moves His people. I know that for these kinds of things people like to be the eluding "last piece", but we need 984 pieces before that. Would you be willing? Would you buy a piece today and maybe even ask a couple friends or family members to also buy a piece? Have you watched "God's Not Dead"? Our suitcase is in the car (so to speak). Will you put yours in with us? Faith.

Which piece will you be?

1) Brian and WendyWatson
2) Brian and WendyWatson
3) Brian and WendyWatson
4) Brian and WendyWatson
5) Brian and WendyWatson
6) Brian and WendyWatson
7) Brian and WendyWatson
8) Brian and WendyWatson
9) Brian and WendyWatson
10) Brian and WendyWatson
11) Jason Owen
12) Amanda Owen
13) Allan Owen
14) David and Ann Ess
15) David and Ann Ess
16) David and Ann Ess
17)Rocky Carswell
18) Evelyn Carswell
19) Rico Carswell
20) Taylor Shelton
21) Taylor Shelton
22) Taylor Shelton
23) Taylor Shelton
24) Taylor Shelton
25) Edith Page
26) Evelyn Carswell in honor of Vesna Solheim
27) The Temple Family from Missouri
28) The Temple Family from Missouri
29) The Temple Family from Missouri