Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A fresh new tilling. . .

I love when God gives my heart a fresh new tilling especially when it is in the morning. The hardness is gone and I am filled with awe and humility even joy. But I do know there are times that people spend time with God and they don't feel like their hearts are tilled. In fact, they fill nothing. I personally have had plenty of those times.  And with myself, I see a pattern.

A farmer would never go out to plant a field where the ground was hard. He would first till the field and prepare it even painstakingly. But we often rush to take a bit of God's Word from Sunday morning, a really quick devotion, or a flick of the radio dial and plant it in the hard soil of our hearts. Then we get busy again and fail to add anything necessary for the seeds that have fallen there to grow. So they simply lay on the hard soil of our hearts until the next time we take a few minutes to seek Him.  Sadly, then many come to a very false conclusion such as: "I don't understand the Bible", "That preacher is boring", or "I can never feel God's presence".

God is about relationships. He loves each of us more than we can comprehend and wants to spend time with us. The more we spend time with Him. . .the more we began to understand Him. With each time of reading His Word, prayers full of humility, and authentic worship the soil of our hearts is tilled. Then the next time we hear a sermon or read His Word it falls on soft rich soil ready to receive the gift of relationship with God. NOTHING compares. There is no other way to obtain such a feeling. It is a sweet gift from our Savior. Have you ever felt so incredibly loved it blows you away?

So if you haven't spent any real time with the I AM lately. Today is a great day to change that. But if you don't sense His presence today, that is ok. Tomorrow the soil will be tilled a bit from the day before and so on. You wouldn't expect to build a relationship with a new friend in one quick sitting. Relationships take time and require something to build.  Your relationship with God is no different. If you want the greatest experience in all of life. . .let Him till the soil of your heart.

Reading Revelations 4-5 is a great way to begin to let the magnitude of God penetrate your heart.